This exhibition represents different methods I have used to create space in the residence environment. I am presenting abstract suggestions where each model represents each method. The effect of creating spaces through level differences, choice of materials, transverse elements, and the grouping of functions, is placed in contrast to each other. It is in the investigations interest to highlight the spaces limits and to define the transitions that takes place between spaces.
base - My start is an abstract model of four rooms. The rooms are  repeated in all of my models but represents different methods.
transverse elements - How do we relate to the space and define the transitions that takes place between spaces. Let the experience and understanding of the space set the space limits. 
grouping of functions - What if the functions of the residence creates the rooms and space limits? A serie of rooms are created in the same design with space in between that embrace functions. Reference: Robert Venturi,  Pearson House.

level differences - How do levels create spaces? The levels proportions decide the movements. Level differences makes us move, it can be used as a relaxing area, enable an overview, make us feel safe or unsecured.  

To investigate the spaces influence on our senses, the body in full scale is involved and present in my experiments.
I have used my own apartment as my reference to document an experience of senses, and then used this analysis as the base of my work.

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